OurApproach-ThreeWoodPuzzles.jpgSome consulting companies focus so intently on how your project is just like work they’ve done in the past that they fail to appreciate the important ways in which it differs. Clients require, and deserve, more from consultants than the recycled work plans that are unfortunately typical of many firms in the industry. Silverpoint Consulting offers discriminating customers of consulting and analytical services an alternative — a firm that brings a fresh perspective, enthusiasm, and an added spark of creativity in shaping a focused approach customized to fit each client’s priorities, goals, schedule, and budget.

Equally important as constructing a well-designed approach is assembling the right team. Silverpoint has teaming relationships with a network of respected firms and subject matter experts. All have deep industry knowledge and a well-rounded perspective garnered from decades of serving both utilities and regulators. Silverpoint brings together those with directly relevant expertise who can quickly tackle the key issues and problems central to a project. We believe that our approach — building a focused work plan and a strong team of individuals to execute it — yields the strongest results and most cost-effective solution for our clients.